John Buddenbaum and Eric Noyes are building a 50cc motorcycle streamliner to
break the oldest record at Bonneville. 121.7 mph, set in 1956 by NSU with a
wankel supercharged 50CC 2 stroke and fuel it made 13 HP. Our motor is a 2002
Aprilia RS50. Stock these motors make about 6 HP. Fully modified with Nitrous
Oxide it should make around 20 HP.
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                                           El Mirage November 2005
The two inches of rainfall in October finally dried out on the lake bed just in time for the
last landspeed event of the year. We made our first rookie  pass Saturday on the 1.3 mile
dirt straightaway at 95 MPH. I muffed up the start, shifting out of first at 8 grand while
trying to keep my  low speed balance. I had to nurse the throttle in second to get the
lugging motor to accellerate to the proper shift point of 13,500 RPM. After the slow start
everything went as planned going through the timing trap topped out in 5th gear still
accellerating. It was a white- knuckle ride, hard to see and hard to steer on the loose
surface. When I popped the chute all the drama was over.The bike instantly got very
stable. I don't think I touched the brakes at all.
  Next up was Eric's ride on Sunday. It was earlier and cooler. Eric carefully warmed her
up ,but the little motor doesn't hold heat very long.  At about 60 MPH it seized. Eric did a
good job keeping it upright. The data recorder showed the water temp at 110 deg.
Classic cold seizure. We've got to work on keeping the motor warm for the starts.

More details:   We ran on methanol only, the nitrous system still needs work. It got down
to 22 deg. Friday night , the motor was frozen Sarurday morning. We brought our cooler
full of warm water from the motel knowing it was going to be cold. Good thing, we used
it to thaw out the motor. No damage. W'eve got the winter to refine things and we'll start
2006 year at the May event at El Mirage.
First time we used the chute, almost
don't need brakes.    El Mirage
Running on gas, canopy off and landing gear tied
in the out position.
Famous El Mirage
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Eric pushing me off to our first run at El
In Sept. 2005 we ran the Bub motorcycle event at Bonneville. This was our first event with
the streamliner. We worked for three days sorting things out and taking test runs before
making a official run. Our landing gear bent and wouldn't retract, so we tied it to the
rollhoop in the out position and ran without the canopy. Way over geared and running on
gas we did 87.9 MPH, we were thrilled. The winds came up and we aborted our secound
run. It was the last day of the event. We learned alot, got hooked on salt, and will be back
in '06 .  
one of our many test runs. We put on
25 miles testing
Not one of our better test runs, rolled and bent
the landing gear.
Testing with a third wheel
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