50cc Landspeed motorcycle
John Buddenbaum   Metal Fabricator    And    Eric Noyes Engineer
2002 Arpilia rs50, water cooled, six speed, Metrakit performance parts
1&1/4 " x .095"  mild steel tubing, full rollcage head to feet, stressed aluminum paneling
Fiberglass, hand layup over a male mold, polyester resin, 60lbs, 13 feet long
To be the worlds fastest 50cc motorcycle 139MPH+    
We accomplished our goal plus more!
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1 1/4" X .095" Rollcage doubles as frame , rider is as low and far forward as possible giving a
forward weight bias and just able to see over the front end. You can see just how small the motor is!
Art work Courteousy of      Jeff Loughridge Design      jeff@boogerballs.com
       Thanks to our Sponsers and contributors       
          Metrakit Racing parts from Cycle Imports, Thanks Ozzie
           AF1 Racing
           Rick Yamane, doing a great job crewing
           Mike Akatiff  and A&A,  Dynamometer support
           Top 1 racing oils
           Terry Buffum and John Streets, lending us a trailer and more
           Peter Johnson
previous worlds fastest 50cc  139.58  MPH  set in Holland in 1981
550cc turbocharged Aprilia
20+ HP5
Bonneville records
2009 FIM 125cc 186.00 MPH
2008 FIM 50cc 145.039 MPH
2008 FIM 100cc 151.477 MPH
2006 AMA 50cc 133 MPH
2006 SCTA 50cc 131.545 MPH

El Mirage records
50cc 113.111 MPH
100cc 120.641 MPH
125cc 136.375 MPH